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What is Walk Your Dog With Love's guarantee? The short answer is 100% Guaranteed. Period. Click Here to find out more

What do I do if I ordered the wrong size or color? Click Here to get the right size or color, quick!

What if something breaks, am I covered? Yes is the answer. Click Here for more info on our fast replacement policy.

Do you cover chewing too? Chew Happens. Don't sweat it, you're covered. Click Here to find out what to do.

Will it Stop my dog from pulling? How does a front leading harness work to stop a dog from pulling? Click Here to read about how it works, Here for how it was invented and Here to see a video about what it does

Is it easy to put on and adjust? I can't figure out other harnesses. Click here to see the simplest harness in the world to fit and adjust

Why do I want to use a harness? What is wrong with a collar for walking? Click here for some information that my vet showed me - it made things very clear for me

How does it stack up to the competition? We are Snout and Tail above the competition - Click Here for full competitive analysis.

What about chokers or prong collars? Don't they work too? Click here to find out more about a dog's neck

COMFORT-CHAFING-FIT It isn't comfortable . . .

HOUDINI DOG! Uh oh! My dog can escape from it.

MY DOG STILL PULLS! What can I do, my dog still pulls!