Guarantee issue? Our 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed means that if any Walk Your Dog With Love product has a defect, we will replace it.

Please email us a picture or two of the issue (the simplest, fastest and least expensive thing to do) so we can determine if it is a manufacturer's defect or not. If it is, we will happily replace your harness or other dog gear so you can continue to Walk Your Dog With Love.

In your email please include ALL this information:
  • your name, full shipping address, and telephone number
  • email address
  • the weight of your dog
  • the age of the dog
  • what is the item, and its size & color. Harnesses have a label with the size
  • describe the issue as best you can, and how it happened - if you know
  • where you got the item (on our website, at what store, from your trainer, at a show . . . )
Please email

We hope this solution works for you.

Woof Happy