Many trainers, dog walkers and vets now recommend the Walk Your Dog With Love dog harness versus the Easy Walk, Sense-ation, Gentle Leader or Halti.

Why? Simplicity is what makes it better. Walk Your Dog With Love gets all the great results of front-leading dog harness and head restraint collars, yet with none of the negatives. Walk Your Dog With Love dog harnesses are simpler, easier to use and they get better results.

The first thing you will notice about Walk Your Dog With Love is that our harnesses don't have all those rings, buckles, sliders and folded over and sewn hardware which most other harnesses have. Those are the things that are uncomfortable, chafe dogs . . . and confuse humans. And because our harnesses fit better, they work better.

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COMPARE WHAT YOU ARE USING! WYDWL Easy Walk Sense-ation Freedom Gentle LeaderHalti Head Harness Sporn Yuppy Puppy Prong/ Pincher/Choke collar Flat collar Yours
IS KIND: COERCION, FORCE, STRESS FREE. Doesn’t use pressure, compression, squeezing or painYES NOyes NO NO (dogs hate it!)NO (dogs hate it!NO (pinches dog’s nerves) NO (pinches dog’s nerves) NO NO NO  
CHAFE-FREE. Designed so it doesn't rub dogs sensitive armpits or nose/ eyesYES NONOna NONO NO NO NO NO na  
GENTLE ON DOG’S BODY. No hard, heavy and uncomfortable rings and buckles on dogYES NONONO NO (dogs hate it!)NO (dogs hate it) NO (needs padding)NO (needs padding)NO NO NO  
NO HARD SEWN SPOTS No doubled over and sewn webbing . . . which chafes/cuts dogsYES NONONO na na na na na na na  
PASSES THE COMFORT TEST Would you wear it if it was your bra or underwear?YES NONONO NOT ON MY NOSE!NOT ON MY NOSE!NONO NO WAY!NO WAY!NO WAY! 
EASY SIMPLE ADJUSTMENT Not confusing, No more “which end is up?” Nothing to ‘figure out’ YES NONONO NONO NO NO NO NO ('p' or 'q'?) yes  
IS POSITIVE - Tells the dog What You Want – not what you don’t want. Doesn’t use force to get results YES NOyes NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO  
EASY TO BUY THE RIGHT SIZE. No need for multiple body measurements and purchaser confusion YES NONOna na na na na na na na  
HIGH ATTACH POINT FOR MORE CONTROL Lead is attached where dog’s energy center is locatedYES NOyes na na na na na na na na  
Leads from the front – provides steering, doesn’t promote more pulling YES yes yes yes + NO yes yes NO NO NO NO NO  
MADE IN USA. Supports USA workersYES NO?yesNOnaNO nananana


It is the easiest-to-adjust harness on the market. It has a single buckle, no rings, and one simple slider. The others have two separate side adjustments, plus a top and a bottom adjustment. Click Here to see how easy it is to adjust and put on.

Keeps its size. Easy Walk and Sense-ation users find that all these “adjusters” are also un-adjusters, often ending the walk with a different size harness than they began with. That's not good. This won't happen with a WYDWL dog harness.

Comfortable and gentle on the dog. Fewer buckles and rings means less rubbing and chafing. Especially those uncomfortable rings right on your dog's exposed shoulder joints. And on each ring are three webbing connections - all of which are hard and unyielding to a dog's sensitive underarms and soft body. Less buckles and rings also allow for the harnesses unique flexible sizing, which means it fits more dogs more comfortably.

Easy to use. With only one buckle, people don’t need to figure out which end is up. The Easy Walk has two colors – one for under the belly one for over the top, and two buckles to close. That is confusing. Just slip The Walk Your Dog With Love over your dog’s head, and the one strap under its front legs. That is simple.

Easy to take off. The release clip is easy to find—it is up on the dog’s left side, not in a hard-to-reach under the belly spot. No more fumbling.

Gives more control. The WYDWL chest front strap is up high – for more control, more mechanical advantage, it gives people the power. The Easy Walk’s front strap and pull point is positioned at the very bottom of the chest, where you have the least leverage.

Is escape proof. Because the strap is higher on the chest, dogs can't slip out of it. This means no Houdini-dogs, for those escape artist pooches. That's good.

Does not get stinky, is 3X lighter and is more flexible. WYDWL uses a lightweight, yet strong (1200 lb test) and water-resistant Polypropylene webbing. This means even more comfort because it doesn't weigh on the dog like other harness webbing, it can soften up like your favorite pair of blue jeans, and because it doesn't absorb and retain water it doesn't get stinky-smelly and hold bacteria on your dog's body.

Simple to size. We only have 4 sizes based on approximate weight. You will get the right size the first time. Simple. The others have 8 sizes, and you need to measure girth and width etc. Very Confusing.

Economical for growing dogs. Just 4 sizes gives you a wider sizing-margin, this mean there is much less chance of a pup needing the next size up in a few weeks. In fact, our harnesses are designed to fit higher than the stated weight class - that is real world adjustability.

Night time safety. All our harnesses have 3M Scotchlite reflective material – standard. This is a great safety plus.It means cars can see you in their headlights from up to 1000 feet away.

Doesn’t bite dogs. Our wider strap doesn’t "bite" dogs like thinner straps do. Think "bra strap".

Supports American workers. Made in the USA of USA sourced material, it is available in many colors.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee WYDWL comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If it doesn't work out, your money back. Period.


Dogs like the WYDWL. Many dogs really dislike the Gentle Leader or Halti – they try to paw it off their snouts. Some dogs even just “shut down” and become immobile.

Safe for the neck and spine. Many dogs' sensitive necks and spines are damaged with a head restraint collar combined with an inexperienced/irresponsible/untrained/frustrated or angry user. Also, even if you have been instructed on how to use this kind of lead, has your spouse, kid or friend been instructed too?

Encourages confidence. According to dog behaviorists, Mommy dogs communicate dissatisfaction to their pups via nose touching. Thus snout-leading head restraints constantly communicate to your dog it is doing wrong. This is very stressful for your dog.

Communicates positively. You don’t have to explain to your neighbor that your sweetie is really not a meanie in a muzzle - they don’t believe you anyhow!

A sweet nose. Perhaps this is not a big deal, but no more strap marks on your poor doggy’s snout. And yet for some dogs this is a big deal, as that 'mark' turns into a cut that can get infected.